Lords Of Normal Rock the Odds


Lords Of Normal ReviewLords Of Normal’s style lands somewhere between glam and rock and roll. You can hear that prominently on their latest single “Bear Glove.” I say glam because of the theatrics when it starts with the little skit. Then the rock comes through in an alternative fashion and makes for an interesting listen. The pace at which the lyrics are delivered is unique. It’s sort of ’90s alternative when you break it down. Before they released this track they had “Rattle all the People in the Cage.” This one is a more acoustic ditty to get behind. You can tell it’s the same band but with a musical twist’ more folk influence. Then before these two tracks in 2014, Lords Of Normal had a LP in 2013 called “Planet Destroy.” It showcased songs like the dramatic “The Cure” and the eerie “I Will Rise.” You can hear the theatrics all over this record and I think that’s really the base for Lords Of Normal’s style. So if you like your rock to be a production worthy of a stage, check out all Lords Of Normal has to offer right now. (http://lordsofnormal.bandcamp.com/)